Account Verification

We'd love to make the verification procedure fast and easy for you! Please help us with that and make sure your documents comply with the following requirements.

The verification process is a mandatory requirement we have as a European regulated Company.

To verify your profile you need to complete the online Questionnaire and provide a Proof of Identity and a Proof of Address. This serves to confirm that the trading account(s) is operated by yourself, the actual account owner.

Proof of Identity documents:
• To upload a passport, both internal pages should be provided in the same photo or scan
• To upload an ID card or Driving License, front and back sides should be provided
• The name on your profile should match the name on your Proof of Identity
• Documents should be valid (not  expired)
Proof of Address documents:
• The name on your profile should match the name on your Proof of Address
• The document confirming the address should be issued within the last 6 months
• PO Boxes are not accepted

Allowed file types: png, jpeg, jpg, gif, and pdf. The file size does not exceed 10 MB
In color; Clear and readable; In full page (not cropped); Of high quality

Your personal data stays safe and protected against unauthorized access.

Please watch the video below to learn how to upload your documents in a few easy steps:

*For subtitles, please click on Settings button and choose your language

Frequently Asked Questions

We can accept one of the following:
• International Passport (both internal pages showing your photo should be visible) or
• National Identity Card (both sides are requested) or
• Driving licence (both sides are requested)
You may upload the documents in your Profile tab in the Client Cabinet or you may send them via email to
Documents can be accepted only if they meet the following requirements:
• Clear copy
• Color copy
• Full page (all four corners must be visible)
• It has to be valid (not expired) and
• In the case of Proof of Address must be issued within the last 6 months.
You may create a DEMO account and start trading in a virtual environment to test the trading service and familiarize yourself with trading. You will be able to retake the test in 14 days.
No, you may also provide a clear picture that you can easily make using your mobile phone.