Why does InstaForex use 10,000 lot instead of standard 100,000 one?

InstaForex provides an opportunity to trade on Forex using three types of accounts in one: Micro Forex, Mini Forex, Standard Forex. In order to make such a technology possible, the company introduced a non-standard 10,000 lot, which at the trade of 0.01 lot gives the pip price of 0.01 USD, i.e. the absolute minimum allowing the holders of accounts up to 5,000-10,000 to control their risks effectively. At the same time, the lot size of 10,000 makes the calculations of pip cost convenient when placing trades.

Let’s have a look at data below:

0.01 InstaForex lot trade = 0.01 USD pip price

0.1 InstaForex lot trade = 0.1 USD pip price

1 InstaForex lot trade = 1 USD pip price

10 InstaForex lot trade = 10 USD pip price

100 InstaForex lot trade = 100 USD pip price

1,000 InstaForex lot trade = 1,000 USD pip price

Easy calculations and the opportunity to combine three levels of Forex trading in one trading account make InstaForex lots an undeniable advantage of the company's trading terms.