Can Forex trading become a full-time job?

There are plenty of ads on the Internet about the ways to make profits on the Forex market. Besides, the very thought about being free from that everyday office routine, 8-hours working days, and commutes makes forex trading a rather tempting occupation. At the same time, it is not the type of a job where an employer offers you a monthly salary, bonuses, a social package, and other perks. The size of your profit depends solely on you. Moreover, one can never be 100% sure that there will be any profit at all. This business is all about starting capital and inevitable risks. 
Marginal trade on Forex has a number of peculiarities: there is no career ladder and no specific requirements for your work experience. But still, to achieve some positive results, traders should work hard, constantly improving their knowledge and skills. Every business can bring either yield or loss. But confident business people are often the successful ones. The same refers to a forex trader: those who know what to do have a higher chance of achieving their goals. 
All in all, it is a matter of an individual choice. Can you afford to rely on the always-changing market where trading opportunities don’t arise every day just like that? Or do you prefer sticking to the safe-and-sound full-time employment that brings you a stable income? It is up to you to decide. By the way, there is even a third option: you can always combine those occupations!